In conversation with Lauren Padgett, SSDP, we reviewed statistics regarding students who lose their federal financial aid and/or are kicked out of school each year due to a cannabis related offense.

We both agreed that due to the changing cannabis climate it was time to bring this issue to the forefront for discussion.

Has allowing our federal and state governments to divide on medical cannabis, including the rejection of true efforts to conduct accurate laboratory research, caused the downfall of the next generation of America’s best and brightest?

We encourage students, both active & those who have lost the opportunity to purse their education, to consider a career in cannabis and work to end the plague that the drug war has imposed on our generation’s talent pools. 

The BUD Summit team, on behalf of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, will be gifting a scholarship to a bold student who is ready to break their silence regarding being kicked out of school due to a cannabis related offense. – Brandon L. Wyatt Esq.

Students interested in being considered please email:

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